Keep ’em Safe Program FAQs

  1. Who qualifies for the “Keep ‘Em Safe” program?
    The Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Seat “Keep ‘Em Safe” program provides service to low/medium-income and refugee families whose income is at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. Parents and/or legal guardian who register for a class MUST provide the following: (1) proper photo identification (such as DMV issued ID, passport or military ID); (2) proof of low income status (such as paystubs, EBT card, WIC folder or any government assistance documentation); and (3) proof of relationship (such as child’s birth certificate, tax form, case file, etc.) for each child that receives a car seat.
  2. When are the “Keep ‘Em Safe” classes and check-up events?
    Approximately 5-6 CPS Education classes and 2-3 child safety seat check-up events are scheduled to be conducted every month at various times, dates, and locations. Child safety seat check-up events are usually held on Friday and Saturday between 7:00am and 12:00pm. For more information, call Wednesday-Thursday from 9am-3:00pm at 619-455-8194.
  3. Where are the locations of the “Keep ‘Em Safe” classes and check-up events?
    During the course of the program, a class and/or check-up event will be held in each of the six regions in San Diego County. The locations of the child safety seat check-up events vary depending on need.
  4. How can I get a schedule of the Child Passenger Safety classes and check-up events?
    To obtain a current schedule, e-mail the Keep ‘Em Safe Program Director at Your name will be added to the distribution list. Updated schedules are emailed the 3rd Wednesday of every month.
  5. Who are the class instructors and car seat inspectors?
    All personnel conducting CPS classes and car seat inspections/installation training are certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST).
  6. Are translators available for refugees or non-English speakers?
    Many of our technicians are bilingual; however, we strongly encourage refugees and non-English speakers to bring their own translator to the Child Passenger Safety classes (unless the class is taught in their native language).
  7. How many car seats can one family receive?
    If a child does not currently have a car seat or is in need of a replacement seat (as determined by inspection from a CPS technician), qualifying families may receive one car seat per family. We try to help each family and send home each child home safer; our grant has some limitation on the amount of seats we can give out to each family.
  8. Do parents/caregivers need to bring the child to the Child Passenger Safety class and the check-up event?
    Children are not allowed to attend the Child Passenger Safety class. Children MUST be present at the check-up event, which allows the CPS technician to tailor the car seat inspection to the specific needs of the individual child.
  9. I am pregnant and will be having a child soon. Can I register for the Child Passenger Safety class?
    Pregnant women must be at least 7.5 months pregnant to register for the class and 8 months pregnant to receive a car seat.
  10. Does the “Keep ‘Em Safe” program accept monetary donations?
    Yes. Donations can be made to the Pacific Safety Center. The Pacific Safety Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are income tax deductible.
  11. Do families need to own their own car?
    No; however, families need to bring a car (ideally the car the child spends the most time in) to the check-up events for proper car seat inspection. Inspection/installation training is required for each seat that is distributed.
  12. If a family can’t attend a check-up event, is there another way to have a car seat inspected or obtain a car seat?
    Families are strongly encouraged to attend a check-up event. Car seats can be distributed at the Pacific Safety Center on a case by case basis, but availability is EXTREMLEY limited and must be pre-approved by the Child Passenger Safety Director.
  13. How long is the process to learn how to install a car seat?
    It takes approximately 30 minutes for each car seat inspection/installation training at a check-up event.
  14. When will the “Keep ‘Em Safe” program end?
    Funding for the “Keep ‘Em Safe” program expires on September 30, 2019.
  15. Does a parent/caregiver receive a car seat when they attend the Child Passenger Safety class or do they need to attend a check-up event?
    Due to time constraints, parents/caregivers attending a class will have priority in scheduling an appointment for a check-up event. During the check-up event, the child’s current safety seat will be inspected by a certified CPS technician. If it is determined a replacement or new safety seat is needed, it will be provided at that time.
  16. Can parent/caregivers invite other families to the Child Passenger Safety class?
    Yes, as long as the other family qualifies (see FAQ #1). A family must register to participate in the class.
    To register, call 619-455-8194, Wednesday – Thursday from 9am-3:00pm. Sorry, no walk-ins are allowed.
  17. Do parent/caregivers need to make an appointment to attend a check-up event?
    Yes, check-up events are held on a bi-weekly basis (25 during the entire grant cycle). Appointments can be made during the Child Passenger Safety class or by calling 619-455-8194.