About Us

The Pacific Safety Center was established in 1953 as a nonprofit, private, educational organization dedicated to safety. For over 50 years, PSC has specialized in on-site, CUSTOMIZED safety training and consulting for businesses and community organizations. We serve as a credible, reliable resource for safety information, education and awareness in all aspects of Southern Californian life – on the road, at home, at work and at play.

The Center serves as a resource for safety programs focusing on safety education as the key to long range reduction in avoidable deaths and injuries, while working with and through partner organizations.

We develop and deliver our safety educational programs with two main audiences in view – the workplace and the community. Although the workplace is usually considered part of the community, PSC has developed unique programs that meet the requirements of workplace environments such as: dealing with hazardous chemicals, job safety analysis and ergonomic safety.

Likewise, in the community, PSC has specific educational programs that address car seat safety, motorcycles and DUI education.

Mission – To deliver safety education and training for business and community. The Pacific Safety Center is dedicated to making our communities safer places to live, learn, work and play by providing quality education, information, programs and events. Partners for life!