COSS Testimonials


“The COSS certificate is an excellent course for those persons seeking to gain knowledge in the field of safety and desiring a certificate of their knowledge and skills. I would recommend the COSS course to all safety-oriented persons and organizations.”

James McGowan, COSS, Irby Construction


“… I would like to tell anyone who is looking into safety, or in the process of starting a safety program, that this is one of the most intense classes I have ever taken. I would like to thank COSS Administration for all their time and effort.”

John Williams, COSS, Triad Electric

Fire Department, Fire Safety

“This class has been extremely helpful in my day-to-day activities in the safety field. I would highly recommend this course to any practicing safety individual who aspires to a career in the safety field. Very helpful to anyone who works in safety that has not been formally educated in college, but seeks to make a difference.”

Peter R. Martin, COSS, Centerville Fire Dept.


“The COSS class was an awesome event to gain a large amount of knowledge to expand our safety program. The class instructor was terrific and presented loads of great info. Now I can sign my name Greg Vigneau, COSS. I am very proud of the COSS Administration for their hard work.”

Greg Vigneau, COSS, City of Corona

Grain Elevator/Export

“I came to this class with only 2 months in safety. During this class I was challenged to the limits. But at the end I feel that I now know 10 times more than I did when I started. Thanks.”

Russell Johns, COSS, Zen-Noh Grain Corporation

Heavy Equipment/Industrial

“Being new to the safety field, I had very limited safety knowledge. After taking the COSS class, I feel 100% more confident and knowledgeable in my new position. The information given in the course was very helpful. I recommend the class to every new safety professional.”

Joe Eubanks, COSS, H & E Equipment Services

Oil & Gas

“The COSS course is an excellent course for frontline supervisors and safety professionals. A wide variety of compliance issues are addressed and useful tools provided. If you’re looking for an avenue to bring value to the bottom line and minimize loss exposure, this is the course for you.”

Troy R. Roach, COSS, HSE Manager, Veritas DGC Land

Petrochemical – Pipeline Distribution

“The best training course I’ve attended in a long time.”

Paul Amy, COSS, BP Amoco


“Course material was comprehensive and very practical. Discussions added to the learning experience. I am much better equipped to recognize, control and prevent hazards. My awareness has increased tenfold. Great course. A must for any technical professional.”

Brenda Maris, COSS, Georgia Gulf Corporation

Service Industries

“Super class; this is like a boot camp on safety. You will definitely leave this class ready for the safety world.”

Jason B. Harleau, COSS, Edgen


“I value the COSS certificate because it represents my commitment to safety and is a standard to be measured by.”

Mark Pitcock, COSS, Schneider National Bulk Carriers