Driver Performance Analysis System (DPAS)

  • Driving a motor vehicle requires special knowledge and skills. The purpose of DPAS is to measure and analyze a driver’s traffic related knowledge and skills.
  • Although the ability to control the speed and direction of a motor vehicle is a fundamental and vital driving skill, a driver must also be able to quickly and accurately collect and process related driver and traffic information if he or she is to safety and efficiently utilize the nation’s roads and highways.
  • Essentially, DPAS is a two phase driver performance measurement and analysis program.
    • Phase One of the DPAS is a video oriented test.
    • Phase Two is a computer analysis of the test.
  • DPAS is a crash prevention instrument, not a crash prediction instrument. Research has shown that drivers with the ability to quickly and accurately collect and process critical driver and traffic information have statistically fewer motor vehicle crashes than drivers that are deficient in this ability.
  • Thus, DPAS measures the driver’s skills in collecting and processing the critical traffic information that is essential for safe and efficient motor vehicle operation, and generates statistical profiles of the driver’s capabilities and deficiencies.