Advanced Classes

1 Day Premier Course- $350

The California Motorcyclist Safety Program 1-Day Premier Course allows riders who already know how to ride but are not licensed the opportunity to achieve intermediate-level skills along with the DMV DL389 for their motorcycle license.

It is also the perfect next step for newer riders who are looking to improve their skills as well as riders that have recently returned to riding after years off. This course includes both classroom and on-cycle instruction.​

Successful completion of both the riding and written portions of the course will earn the rider a DMV DL 389 riding test waiver. Per California regulations, you will still need to complete the DMV written test.

At the beginning of class, you will be required to ride the DMV Test as the entry exercise. It is advised that you watch the video below before registering for the course.  If you have not been able to pass the test at the DMV, you may use a bike provided then continue the rest of the course on your own motorcycle. Please use the link below to watch the skills test for the course.


Not sure if you should take the “1 Day Premier Course” or the “MTC” beginner class? Click here to watch a short video of the “1 Day Premier Course” entry exercise that you must successfully ride to participate in the 1DPC course. Additionally, there will be a four-part skills evaluation that will be conducted throughout the 1 Day Premier Course. You must be successful in all four parts to obtain your DL389.

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Intermediate Riding Clinic- $350

(Currently offered as the 1DPC course without needing to pass the lollipop test)

This is the perfect next step for newer riders who are looking to improve their skills on their own bike as well as riders that have recently gotten back into riding after years off but still have their license.

Total Control IRC includes:
* Throttle control
* Brake control
* Vision
* Line selection
* Low-speed turning
*Evasive maneuvers
*Road-speed turning

Written and Skills test now required to pass to get a completion card.

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Advanced Riding Clinic Level 1

Individual skills include corner entry, line selection, body position and corner exit. There are slightly different versions of these depending on the type of bike ridden, but all follow the same philosophical principals that are taught in the course. Throttle control and throttle/brake transitions are also covered in great detail. Additionally, super-tight, low-speed, “parking lot” turns are taught.

Total Control ARC L1 Topics include:
*Throttle/brake transitions
*Mental state
*Corner vision
*Corner entry and line selection
*Mid-corner body position & corner exits
*Corner transitions (figure 8’s)
*Basic motorcycle suspension

ARC 1 Prerequisite:
Must have 1 year of experience or 3,000 miles

Please call or email if you have want to take the class as a passenger or with a passenger.

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Advanced Riding Clinic Level 2

Takes off where the original left off. More challenging exercises from the best-selling book “Total Control” plus some exciting new ones mean the students will take their riding to a whole new level.

Topics covered include:
*Riding Psychology
*Speed Shifting
*Trail Braking into a Turn
*Decreasing Arc Mid-Corner
*Decreasing Radius Turns
*Chassis Setup
*Quick Stops
*TC Solo

In TC Solo, we combine the skills from Level 1 and 2, and experience them at significantly higher speeds, mimicking the g-forces of track riding.

ARC 2 Prerequisites:
Participants MUST have completed Total Control ARC Level 1 as a prerequisite.

Please call or email if you have want to take the class as a passenger or with a passenger.

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Introduction to 3-Wheel Riding

Learn turning, shifting, and braking techniques with  the Total Control Introduction to 3-Wheel Riding course

We are pleased to offer the Total Control Introduction to 3-Wheel Riding course for $50!
​This is a 4 hour class broken into 1 hour in the classroom and 3 hours on the range (riding).
​In the course, you will learn turning, shifting, and braking techniques.
Helmets and a 3 wheel motorcycle loaner will be available for all students. Full finger gloves WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. Please bring gloves and sturdy boots over the ankle.
Any 3 wheel motorcycle can be used for the class. For example, it can have 2 wheels in front or 2 wheels in the back. (If you bring your own motorcycle, you can only apply for the Can AM promo if you are riding on a Can Am Spyder during the class)

This class is not a requirement by CA to operate a 3 wheel motorcycle.

This course will  satisfy any military requirement to ride on base if you have a 3 wheel motorcycle. 

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