MTC Participants must attend all sessions in the exact order as indicated. There are no deviations or mixing of tracks.

If you filled out the paperwork that was sent to you, please bring it to the range, or in person classroom, do not send it to the office. Anyone not ready to start on time for any session will be dismissed and will forfeit their course fee. Reschedules/cancellations must be made 5 days prior to the start of Class Session 1.

Classes are held most weeks and weekends. There is classroom sessions and 2 range sessions.

Classroom sessions will vary by class. Some are eRider, at your own pace, online with a web based interactive learning setting. Other classes are both in person.

Range sessions will take place in one of the the following locations: Southwestern College OR North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre. Both are located in Chula Vista. Please double check which location you are signing up for when registering. Please plan on arriving at least 15-30 minutes early to the range so that you have adequate time to check-in, gear up, or complete paperwork.

$425 OVER 21

$395 UNDER 21

Classes are 2 half days OR 2 full days. Times will differ throughout the year. Please refer to your confirmation email for the times of each session. The schedule is as follows:

    Refund/Cancellation Policy: (Click here to download the PDF version)



    (You must accept the Refund & Cancellation Policy above to see the REGISTER button.)

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    Classes can be cancelled at the discretion of PSC if they do not fill with the minimum amount of students. PSC will do it’s best to annotate when classes have the chance of being cancelled. PSC will do it’s best to notify students with adequate time to reschedule, but PSC is not responsible for reimbursement of any missing time off of work when you schedule a class. Our goal is to post the schedule based on demand so they have time to fill and not be rescheduled.

    WE RUN CLASSES YEAR ROUND. Each schedule is posted about 2 weeks prior to the month starting and is posted on Fridays after 12 pm. If you don’t see the schedule you want to register for, please email the office,, to be added to a waitlist to be contacted when that schedule is posted.